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Because we give the advice we need to hear the most and we consume awful things we deny to our beloved ones. We judge people by our theories, not by our deeds, maybe we would be more compassionate if we were to judge them by what we do. …

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You are now full of energy, passion, ambitions and you are the youngest you will ever be. Now that you have 18 years and ready to explore the world; I want to let you know that the world out there is different from the world you were living in. You…

Do not follow your passion.

Passion hypothesis is overrated and if you want to know why I think so, you can read my previous post. A brief story about me:

Unsplash photo by Saskia Fairfull …Be So Good That They Can’t Ignore you

Back in O’level. I hated maths and whatever a person could associate with it. I wanted to study something else…

What does really matter?

You are probably working hard, hoping tomorrow will be better.
Getting a zero in class makes you sad as if grade determines your future and it makes you re-assess your moves to make sure you are still on the right track.

You no longer have time to create relationships, they…


I am an aspiring writer, an avid reader and a life-long learner

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